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Our Story...

As freshmen at James Madison University (JMU), Paige and Ian were some of the few students who signed a second year on-campus housing agreement. While they strongly regretted their decision during the month preceding sophomore year, it turned out to be the best decision they made! 


Paige and Ian lived just a few doors down the hall in the only sophomore dorm on campus. As a convenient excuse to party during freshmen orientation week (a staple of the JMU experience for upperclassmen), Ian and his buddies volunteered to help the incoming freshmen move in. Paige, on the other hand, arrived just two days before classes began. Upon her arrival, Paige’s roommate Sydney was adamant that she had to meet the "guys down the hall". (Like Ian and his roommates, Sydney helped the freshmen move in so that she could enjoy a week of partying.)


So….Sydney drags Paige down the hall one evening to meet the guys. What do you know? Ian is so deeply invested in his “new” anatomy app on his iPad that he barely lifted his head to say “Hi”. Nonetheless, Ian came knocking on Paige’s door a few weeks later.


After an intramural flag football game in early September, Ian and his roommate (Luigi) stopped by Paige and Sydney’s dorm to see if they wanted to go to a party with them. Mind you that it was 8:15 PM, Paige answered the door in her glasses and pajamas and squeaked out a quiet “maybe”. Fast forward thirty minutes, Paige and Sydney were ready to party and off they went. Later for Paige to find out, Ian and Luigi were intentional about asking her and Sydney to join them in the effort to optimize their “girl-to-guy ratio” to get into the party. (Convenient, huh?)


Whether Ian knew it or not, asking Paige to party that night was the best decision he ever made, because from that one jersey party on, their relationship has only flourished into a lifelong partnership over the past six years!

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