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Emma Baumbach

Maid of Honor

Emma is the life-long best friend of the bride. Paige and Emma met when playing club soccer together in the 2nd grade. They went on to the Fay School and St. Marks School together. Although they share many memories, Paige's fondest memory of the two of them is visiting Emma during her study abroad in France.

Alayna Newsome


Alayna is Paige's friend from college and is a fellow equestrian as well. Paige and Alayna's favorite saying about their friendship is that "Paige makes Alayna take life more serious and Alayna makes Paige have more fun!"

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Caitlin Mills


Caitlin is the sister of the groom and truly a sister to Paige as well. Paige and Caitlin are known as each other's bad influences when it comes to impulsive decisions. No matter what they are doing, they can make a mundane task be an absolute blast. 

Katie Fuller


Katie is a friend from Paige's middle school and high school days. They were  inseparable through high school and you would often find Paige (especially senior year) in Katie's high school dorm room watching Netflix in her bed, with or without Katie there. 

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Sydney Howard


Sydney is also a friend from Paige's middle school and high school days. Paige and Syd shared a common love for playing lacrosse together. You will often see the two of them joking around with each other. They have a true happy-go-lucky kind of friendship.  

Hannah Fuller


Look similar? Yes, Hannah is the identical twin to Katie. Hannah has been a great friend of Paige's dating back to middle school. Paige, Hannah, and her sister were often (low-key or maybe high-key) "fighting" to maintain their spot on their squash team ladder, yet more often then not found that each week the three of them just swapped back and forth.   

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Conner Mills

Best Man

Conner is the groom’s brother-in-law and practically grew up with Ian. Dating back to their time as basketball teammates during Ian’s freshman year in high school, it’s a rare day when Ian and Conner aren’t wearing matching outfits after over a decade of identical gifts.

Brendan Roy


Brendan is one of Ian’s biological brothers and is known for his witty one-liners. During his graduate school student teaching days, Brendan was Ian’s 8th grade homeroom teacher for one semester. Brendan was also Ian, Cedric, and Trevor’s honorary Xbox Live teammate during this time.


Sean Crotty


Sean is the brother of the bride and a brother to Ian as well. Sean and Ian have made many memories over brews from the beaches of Costa Rica to a shared Porta Potty at their first Notre Dame tailgate together. 


Trevor McClure


Trevor is one of the groom’s closest friends dating back to their middle school days. Trevor and Ian share a passion for American muscle cars and have collectively made many mischievous (yet still harmless) decisions together over the years. 


Garrett Roy


Garrett is Ian’s other biological brother who shares the groom’s weekend passion for brewery hopping. Garrett and Danielle (Ian’s sister-in-law) have supported the groom each step along the way in his pursuit of medicine- ranging from gifting him his MCAT study books to his first stethoscope.


Cedric Ayenu


Cedric and Ian’s friendship started during their time together on Middletown Middle School’s JV Basketball Team. Ian and Cedric co-captained numerous basketball teams together, helped each other pick out their first cars, and share an inseparable brotherhood despite the ~3,000 miles that separate them today.


Distinguished Roles


Madeline Roy

Flower Girl

Madeline is the first of the Roy family grandchildren and has an absolute love for the game of ‘peek-a-boo’- which Paige and Ian play with her endlessly. There is no lack of personality here, which we (hope) and expect to surface on the big day!

Theodore Roy

Ring Bearer

Theodore (“Teddy”) is the Godson of the groom and the latest addition to the Roy family. Teddy is already known for his ‘lady killer’ eyes and for his constant motion. Paige and Ian have great faith in his ability to get the job done (whether he walks or is carried)!

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